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Monday, 21 November 2011


If untreated, diabetes can become a silent killer-disease. Generally it is noticed when a patient develops other health problems. Since diabetes means excessive glucose supply in the body, and inability of pancreas to produce insulin to control glucose, the excessive blood glucose can cause a number of complications. When insulin comes down, sugar levels increases.Glucose is the provider of energy for our normal activities, including exercises or performing our normal duties. But when there is excess quantity of glucose, and insulin doesn’t regulate it can cause harm to our bodies. Glucose
supplies come from food and it enters the body through liver. Usually the insulin supply in the body is sufficient to regulate
sugar levels. However diabetes condition does not produce sufficient insulin to regularize sugar in the bloodThe following are the types of diabetes:  Diabetes of Type-1 finds pancreas secreting small quantities of insulin or not at all secreting insulin since the cells controlling glucose levels are dead, because the body kills the pancreatic cells, in an autoimmune effect. This type can result through many of our lifestyle habits like alcohol, or through infections or surgical removal of pancreas. This type of diabetes can affect children because of inherited causes and sometimes due to stress in children. Those affected with this type of diabetes, will have to depend on insulin injections for survival.The other kind of diabetes, Type-2 results when the pancreas produces insulin but cells may have developed insulin resistance and reduced insulin
levels to bring down sugar levels in our bodies. This diabetes only occurs in adults. This may occur due to aging, obesity and sedentary lifestyle. It is not dependant on insulin, but can be controlled through exercise, diet, and oral medicines.
When diabetes attacks children, through inability of pancreas to produce insulin, juvenile diabetes can occur. This is usually a hereditary condition. This condition cannot be controlled, and would require artificial supply of insulin to body throughinjection, on day to day basis.

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