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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Relevance of Health Tourism in Kerala

Relevance of Health Tourism in Kerala
Kerala is an established tourist destination.  Ayurveda is already popular and Kerala is recognised as the
number one source for Wellness solution. The Alternative medicine sector led by Ayurveda has been
showing vibrant growth in recent years. There is also tremendous scope for Modern medicine including
Dentistry in the state.

The Advantages of Kerala in Medical Tourism
•  Nobody can beat IndiaÆKerala cost-wise (See, Annexure 1)
ƒ  Our doctors and nurses are accepted all over the world.
ƒ  We are known as compassionate people (even Thailand lack this)
ƒ  Kerala Hospitals give many consultancies under one roof
ƒ  Offer eco friendly environment
ƒ  NRIs all over the world function as ambassadors for Kerala
ƒ  Some US NRIs function as Entrepreneurs facilitating Medical Tourism to India & Kerala: (18 NRI
Travel Agents operate in Medical tourism arranging to and fro travel, treatments and sight seeing).
Some Reasons for Travel of Foreign Patients to India/Kerala:  
1.  UK NHS—National Health Service for poor citizens  is heavily burdened and the system almost
collapsed.  Indian costs being only 1/6 of UK  attracts the lower and middle income groups to
2.  In the U.S. the cost of medical treatment is so high that only 10% can afford the costs in US, while
Indian costs are only 1/10.
3.  The Middle East: Huge infrastructure facilities are  available.  But the expertise is insufficient.
After 9/11, they have reduced trips to U.S.
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